Tyler David Wright


-Tyler in Saving the Son of Death

Tyler David Wright-Edit

Tyer was born March 29, 2000. He was thirteen when Brandon Jones saved him and his two best friends, Jason and Jacob Wyatt, from a Giant and took them to Camp Half-Blood. He is the son of Poseidon and Carry Wright. He has one half-brother, Percy Jackson, and one half-sister, Sophia Witt. He has a black and brown Pegasus, River, which is hard for him to control. He made a promise to Samantha Blake that they would always protect each other. His powers are very hard for him to control because he has more power than he thinks he does.  

Godly Abilities-Edit

Water Control, Talks To Sea Animals And Horses, Resists Water Pressure, Breathes Underwater, Resists Getting Wet, Makes Earthquakes 

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