Tony Daniel Staton

"You aren't going to die. You stupid girl, why the Hades did you-" 

-Tony in Saving the Son of Death

Tony Daniel Staton-Edit

Tony was born November 17, 1999. He is a son of Hades and Alyssa Staton. He was friends with Katelynn Michaels up until 3rd grade. After third grade, he grew to hate her. He saved her from drowning when they were attacked by a cyclops at school. John Rich, son of Hermes, is the one who saved them and took them to Camp Half-Blood when he was thirteen. He has one half brother, Nico Di Angelo, and one half sister, Scarlette Richards. He has great powers over death. He went missing at the beginning of the book. 

Godly Abilities- Can Manipulate The Earth, Raise And Control The Dead, Shadow Control, Shadow Travel Edit

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