Samantha Nichole Blake

"My side? On the war? Why are you kneeling? Get back up! I'm so confused."

-Samantha in Saving the Son of Death 

Samantha Nichole BlakeSamantha was born May 17, 2000. She was thirteen when her brother, Brandon Jones, and friend, Tyler Wright, came to her house and took her to camp. She is the daughter of Zeus and Michelle Blake. Her step father is Jerry Davis. She has two half brothers, Brandon Jones and Jason Grace, along with two step brothers, Harvey and Perry Davis. She has one half sister, Thalia Grace. Samantha is a main characater through out the series and plays a major part in killing the opposing war team's leader, minor godess Melanie. Her powers are not under control and may never be because of how strong she is.Edit

Godly Abilities- Controlling Air Currents, Flying, Controlling Electricity, Controlling Lightning, Controlling Storms. Edit

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