Jason Elliot Wyatt

"Hello, gorgeous. I'm Jason Wyatt and this is my hideous twin brother Jacob Wyatt, we're sons of Hermes, and I would ask you out on a date but it looks like someone already called dibs... Tyler."

-Jason in Saving the Son of Death

Jason Elliot Wyatt- Jason was born May 2, 2000. He was thirteen when he, his twin brother and best friend were attacked by a Giant then taken the camp by Brandon Jones. He has one half sister, Lacy Front. He has one full brother, Jacob Wyatt and three mentioned half-brothers, Conner and Travis Stoll and John Rich. He is a big part of the quests that he and his brother and friends go on. Edit

Godly Abilites- Good At Almost Any Skill, Extremely Athletic, Excell In Business And Thievery, Has Hermes' Gift Of Speed, Able To Magically Sense And Pick Any Lock Edit

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