Daniel Layton Trades

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Daniel Layton Trades- Daniel was born April 12, 2002. He is the son of Ares and Marie Trades. He has a twin sister, who's younger by ten minutes, Darion Trades, and an older half sister, Clarisse. His mother couldn't support him and his sister and didn't know how to deal with the monsters so she gave them up to child hood friend, Jerry Davis. Their phone call had causes issues between him and his wife so they wanted Daniel and Darion out of the house so they wouldn't hear the arguments. They sent them on Samantha's quest with her, telling her that it would prepare them for camp. Even though they're twins, Daniel and Darion only have one resemblance- blue eyes. Daniel, despite being the older twin, is sometimes mistaken for the younger one. Edit

Godly Abilities- Ares Blessing Edit

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